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Meeting the highest cabinetry standards and expectations is built into everything we do.

“As a small, hands on, but technologically sophisticated company, we can readily provide the personal attention and

exceptional results you desire. We take your project all the way from the design to the production ... to the finishing and

the installation. And we achieve nothing but the highest of standards because everything we do for your project is

personally designed and led by me, the owner ... and never handed off to someone else.”

- Dan Dresner

Dan Dresner Cabinetry, Inc. Vista, California (760) 550-8503 
HANDCRAFTED CABINETRY We custom design, build and install to your exact requirements. And at our manufacturing facility, we combine the best equipment available with the highest levels of traditional craftmanship.  
The first step: Because your project is unique and because we custom design and build, all of our estimates are based on a first hand visit and inspection of your needs. From contemporary to traditional, we can meet and service any of your requirements.
Client feedback: As a designer Dan Dresner has an outstanding gift for maximizing every inch of useful space available, but never in a way which compromises his focus on the final quality and appeal of the finished cabinetry work itself. He left us with a kitchen that is absolutely stunning to look at and even more enjoyable and relaxing to work in.  (Solana Beach client.)
Delivery: Use of the most advanced machinery ensures that we can do anything a much larger firm can do. But with the added benefits that direct owner involvement makes possible, at every key stage of your project’s conception and implementation.